Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Ok, so New Mexico has sunsets that are to die for... but my most favorite 'natural' thing about here the Thunderstorms. Ok, New Mexico had some wicked cool ones occasionally, but come on here, it's a desert, so they were few and far between!

***As a side note, least favorite thing here beside the 92* and 90% humidity, TORNADO'S! But that's a WHOLE other post****

One is just getting going... and I have the most worthless dog, who is scared shitless of thunder (or anything loud... could have been the firework our neighbors kids hit him with last month, I guess I shouldn't be to hard on him. He is hiding in the closet, I guess I better go move his pillow in there so he can 'sleep' safely.

As for me, I'm going to go climb in bed, and snuggle up to Pave, who was missing last night (he had a sleep study done-yucky!) and listen to the thunder roll in and the rain fall.

Ahhh.... BLISS!


  1. what a fabulous night! i love listening to the thunder and rain too, just not too close to my window!! poor dog! he must be scared stiff ... be glad that he doesn't howl in sync with the thunder :) mine use to do that!! :) have a good night and a great new day!!

  2. Nate had the sleep study done and said it was the worst night of sleep he ever had...and he never went back for the results. Lol.
    I love the thunder too, but ONLY when I have Nate next to me in bed!

  3. You are so right! New Mexico does have some amazing, intense thunderstorms.

    I hate them :) But then I am afraid of thunderstorms... silly, silly girl!

    Hope you slept well!