Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Who we are...

I've had some e-mails asking who we are, where we are stationed, and more. I promised my husband that I wouldn't tie his name to this, (and so far have done good just calling him 'my husband') but that's getting old. A couple of my other 'blogger friends' have come up with cute nicknames for their family or their husband, so I guess I'll jump on board! I asked him what he would like me to refer to him as, and since he has the creativity of an ant, he came up blank.

So after much thought and deliberation (well, maybe not 'much', but at least some!) I'm happy to introduce you to my amazing husband, Mr. Pave! :) Pave, yes, I know it's weird, but it truly is him. When I met him 5 years ago, he was the dedicated crew chief of a MH-53, which is known as the Pave Low.

This is a picture of it. We'll it is now retired, prompting his first round of cross training. Not only is this helicopter his 'baby', it has a really cool history. It started out in Vietnam, and up until it was retired, was used for para rescue. They call it the "Jolly Green", and the maintainers and PJ's are know for having 'green footprint' tattoos, decals, etc. Possibly the most recent fact of the Pave, is that it was in the wicked cool (ok I'm a bit biased) movie, Transformers. It was Blackout, though was a bit put off that he was a decepticon.

My talented FIL made this for him one year. The original picture was taken with his hand up on his helicopter, and he transposed it onto Blackout. It by far has been one of the best Christmas presents to date. Ok, so this picture is small, and you can't truly see how handsome he is, but that's my man!

So, that's the name, what else do you want to know?!?

We met in May of 2004, and got married 7 months later, December 18th. We are getting ready to celebrate our 5th anniversary this winter. He had been stationed at Kirtland AFB in Albuquerque, NM for several years when I met him in a college course. I grew up in Albuquerque, and we laugh, because within a year, he met me, married me and moved me. While I was finishing up my degree from UNM (Go Lobos!), he was cross training, and we moved out to our last base.

We have three dogs, who are spoiled rotten, Kayden who is a Rhodesian Ridge back crossed with a lab, Tara who is a Great Dane, and Baxter who is a Shari-pi lab cross.

As some of my posts have shared, we are currently going through fertility treatments. I say we, only because he gets the brunt of the mood swings that are associated with all the drugs I'm on. After four miscarriage's (our most recent one in November 2008), they diagnosed me with Poly cystic Ovary Syndrome, or PCOS. Fertility treatments are never easy, but it's even harder when Uncle Sam sends him one way, and my window is only open for about 1 day a month!

So this is my wonderfully fantastic life that I love! Comment if you have more questions, and I'll add the answers to the post!


  1. Okay my question....

    what do you guys like to do for fun?

  2. Fun, recruiters don't have time for fun! Our biggest amount of laughs come from our dogs. We truly have SO much fun with them. They crack us up with their personalities. Baxter is also known as "wiggle butt" because he is such a happy dog. We like playing in the back yard, and taking them for walks.
    Pave calls me HGTV Queen, because I love projects, and he is usually my muscle behind those projects, though I'm not sure he calls that fun!
    A favorite thing to do is 'veg'. We go-go-go, and so to just lay on the couch next to him is a nice place to slow down.
    Before we were married, he had a motorcycle, but it was stolen a week before. We always say that we are going to go get another one, just hasn't made it to the top of the list.
    He would like to camp... I'm not so sure about that, but I have promised him to try it a couple of times this summer to see if it is something I'm willing to call 'fun'! :)

  3. just dropping in to say hi - i linked to you from another blog! this is the only post of yours i've been able to read so far, but hopefully i will catch up soon! my husbands in love with great danes and i'm sure one of them will appear in the future. i wish you all the best in your fertility treatments, as someone who has researched my fertility options endlessly and been through the miscarriage nightmare, my heart goes out to you. i look forward to your future posting! you can check me out at my blog as well. :)

  4. Becky-
    Thanks for stopping by! Now that I'm not working, 'in theory' i should have more time to blog... we'll see about that though, so check back! :)

  5. what good dogs to sit together for a picture! Your blog design is SO COOL! Officially my favorite.

  6. Kate-
    It took me a while to get them to sit still! The little one is also the youngest, so he wanted to come close to figure out the camera. Tara, the one on the right is VERY ditzy, so she would be looking off at something for many of the pictures. Kayden, the one on the right, is so stinking smart its bad. She sat perfect the whole time, and finally did a soft growl at the baby when he tried to move. She's just like a momma, keeping everyone in line!
    I took it while my husband was deployed last year, and framed it for 'Fathers Day'. Since we don't have kids yet, they are the closest thing to it! :)