Thursday, July 23, 2009

Another Confession

Again, back to my splurge... usually I just browse the 'Military Wives' board, but I went over to the wife one today. Can I just say, I have so many 'ahhha' moments while reading other's confessions... it's really quite sad. This was mine today-

I've come to think of all my ex's as teachers. They all helped me learn in one way or another. And in some ways, my wedding was like my graduation day.

I've probably pondered this WAY to much, but this is what I have learned from my ex's, starting with my first...

Don't ever date your ex boyfriends best friend (yes... I should have know this before hand, I have no defence)

Don't put to much time/effort/planning into a high school romance.

Don't give up things in high school because you're boyfriend can't go with you (ie-senior trip).

Don't date ANYONE your freshman year of college.

Don't date a body builder who takes 'weekend trips' with his brother... you'll find out eventually that the reason he's gone is that he is in Mexico, and they are buying steroids. Even if he brings you back gifts- not a good plan!

Don't date someone who calls his mom the MOMENT he wakes up.

If he can drink a case a beer a night, just walk away.

If he's pissed because he agreed to pay for the flight for your vacation while he was drunk, because he can no longer use the $$$ as a down payment on a bass boat (really- a bass boat in New Mexico... he should have know better, it's a STINKING desert)

If you know how all his friends like their beer ( an open can, in a glass, can washed off but not open) but he doesn't know your favorite color... again, walk away.

When your father has been right about EVERY relationship you have had, and he tells you this one is the biggest looser you've ever been with...

Don't date someone who will pick his bottle of Jack Daniels over his planned date night with you.

And last but not least, when he backhands you, walk away. (it happened once, I walked away.)

These are a FEW of the many lessons that I've learned from my 'major' relationships. My biggest DO, is to take that college public speaking class, and take a chance- go sit next to the cutest guy in class, it might just work out for you! :) It' did for me, and 7 months to the day later, I GRADUATED! (at least from the dating world, into this crazy/fun world they call marriage).

I'm sure there are more, but I'm tired. What have the 'teachers' in your life taught you?

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