Friday, July 24, 2009

An 'Active' Zoo

Well, last weekend, we were able to go to the local zoo. We had a BUNCH of fun, just Pave and me! I've been to several 'big' zoos, but NEVER have had such an experience; the animals were up and moving, especially the big cats. Usually they just slept when we were visiting, but not here. I think it was the unusually un-humid weather, and they were happy about it, I know we were. Enough talking, on with the pictures... I realize that this is the first 'us' picture I have posted on this blog... Pave=tall and handsome, me= short and stubby. And yes, that is a full 12 inches of height difference! Yes, of course he was pimpin' the Air Force t-shirt... before those were his painting, work out, ok to get dirty/ruined shirts. He had a ton from the different squadrons he had been in, the MIA runs he had ran, and more. He never, NEVER wore them out of the house. Something happened while in recruiting school... his fashion style became very ummm.. Air Force. He even bought a couple at the BX! Now he wears them more often or not... oh well, I hope that soon this to will pass!


  1. How do you like recruiting? My husband has been in the command for going on 12 yrs.

  2. awesome pics! i love the zoo. :)

  3. hahahahaha that's exactly how I describe my husband and I too. 5'3" vs. 6'3" And the other day he borrowed my belt. yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaah. You don't look too stubby to me!

    That short and stubby elephant is one of the cutest things I've ever seen.

  4. I'm not in love with it so far... but we've only been into the 'real job' for about 2 months... and it's going to get better, sometime. He is not on goal until September, and July he got 4 guys in (his goal is 2), so I'm hopeful that it will go well.

    I loved the zoo, they had a TON of sculpture, the baby elephant, baby giraffe, lions, and more. It was really cool. Thanks for saying I don't look stubby... but I feel like it!

  5. helloo again! :)
    "pave=tall and handsome" ... ok, i agree
    "me=short and stubby" ... OH COME ON!!! you are pretty and sweet!

    looks like you two had a lovely day at the zoo! WOW!! you even manage to feed the animals! now that is so cool!! wonderful pictures!!! thanks for sharing :)) erm ... one question ... the elephant ... that's not real right??

  6. Luthien, no, the elephant is a brass (I think) sculpture, that is about 5 feet tall. I just loved it though! This zoo had a TON of sculpture, I was really surprised. I enjoyed it that much more.