Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day

I am surrounded by so many amazing fathers, starting with my own 'Daddy'. He is truly an amazing man, even when I was horrible to him (and my mom) in high school he still loved me (though we have both admitted that there were times we didn't like each other). I love that he named me after him. Twenty-five years ago, he and my mom received a phone call telling them they had a little girl waiting for them. They adopted me after years of trying for a family on their own. Though he knew his blood would never be in my body, he wanted me to be as close to his own as possible, hence, we have the same initials. Daddy, I love you!
The next amazing father that I know is my wonderful husband. He has given everything for his daughter, including changing jobs just to get closer to her. Though we don't have any children together yet, I can not wait for the day that it happens. It still makes me smile when I think back to when I was pregnant and him looking at the ultrasound watching the heartbeat, with this look of awe. (yes... that's a WHOLE other post, sum it up real quick, four miscarriages, several surgeries, diagnosed with PCOS, and now fertility treatments...) I truly cannot wait for the day when we get to expand our family, and I get to watch him do the 'Dad' thing from infant on.
And behind every good father, is a father. I'm so luckily to have such a wonderful father in law. Not only did he help raise my husband to an amazing man, but he's AWESOME! Truly in every sense of the word. He can fix almost anything from refrigerator, to a computer, can build fences and self esteem. He has been the patient mentor as my husband and I go down this path called marriage. There haven't always been times that I felt completely welcome by their whole family, but he always made sure that I knew he appreciated me. I remember one of my first Thanksgivings, we had an inside joke.... and it was the ONLY thing that made the day tolerable. Papa Greg, thanks for your wicked sense of humor, it is what got us (my husband and I) through hard patches, and me through deployments and tdy's. Not to mention, you are ONE HECK OF A BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPER... way better then your son! From now on, we leave him home with the kids, and its me and you against those other crazy people!
To all the Dad's out there, hope you had an amazing day and were surrounded by love.

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