Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Whirlwind couple of weeks...

So, I tried to figure out the best way to sum up the last few weeks (since I've been bad at posting) and I figured that a list would be best, so here it goes!

*** He's home... was designated Honor Grad, yea! I knew he was a rockstar!
*** We go house hunting the day after he gets home, what can I say, no rest fort he wicked
*** We look at 50 houses in two days, pick our top three, put an offer in on number one, and got under contract.
*** Found out there was a problem with the appraisal on the house we are selling, closing date gets pushed back while they fix it.
*** Packers come on the 23/24th to pack us because original closing date was April 30th.
*** Packers come 27th (while I'm at the new duty location doing the inspection on our new house) and beginning packing the 'pile' that wasn't to be packed. Sheer panic! All our house contracts/bills/business files/etc. were in that pile. I told them the two days before NOT to touch... but they touched... still reeling from that and trying to find my business files.
***We had to rent a fridge that is in our garage (yea for not having it *anywhere* close to the kitchen.
*** Literally living on an air mattress, 2 folding lawn chairs, plastic plates, one pot, one Pyrex, one muffin tin (why I kept a muffin tin, WHO KNOWS!).
*** Air mattress has a hole in it so after two nights of waking up with our butts on the floor, one of his troops has a hida-bed mattress that she lets us borrow. Not great, but WAY better then the air mattress, so we are grateful!
*** Panic calling the utilities on the 29th, because I forgot that I scheduled them all to be shut off on the 30th.
*** Trying to tie up all the loose ends with my business, and re-locating my office down to our new location.
*** Many visits to our friends to do laundry, since they took the machines too.
*** Said goodbye to my 6th grade Sunday School class I teach, that was hard. I'm going to miss those kids.
*** Tried to pin down my husband on new ideas for our home, since we have to leave all the window coverings at this house, we get to start all over! I'm excited... him, not so much!
*** Trying to get senile Grandpa calmed down and confirm that he really is divorced (since 1982...) and dealing with the dumb courthouse to get records sent/faxed/whatever to me.

My current facebook status sums it up perfectly! I want to know what crazy person decided to sell a home, buy and home, and move, and also go through infertility treatments... oh ya, ME!
I have so many drugs surging through these veins, my poor husband didn't know who he was waking up to, his loving, "I can get it all done", "no problem" type wife, or crazy, psyco, woman who is either yelling or crying.... mostly crying (unless I'm dealing with the movers who packed what they shouldn't have packed... then there was yelling). Well, that is now a mute point because I messed up and took the wrong drug on the wrong day. Roll the tears.... it was not a good day figuring that out. I even had 2 good follicles! DANG IT! So now we get to 'try naturally' this month, and pick it up again with the drugs next month.

Side note- I got to talk to a good friend of mine this morning. She has crazy things going on in her life, matched with crazy things going on here... we haven't connected in a while, and I missed her. She made me smile again... Thanks Jo!

Well, I've got to run a machine out to a client, and technically I'm blogging during 'work hours' so I better get getttin'.


  1. Good Heavens, girl! That's really all I can say. Wow...

  2. 50 houses in 2 days!?! That's turbo! :)