Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ninja Eggs

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter. I know I sure did! I went down South to visit my in-laws. I got to see my ridiculously handsome nephew, which was nice, because I haven't seen him since Christmas. We ended up dyeing eggs late Saturday night. His mom, my step daughter and I went shopping at Wal Mart... BAD IDEA! Oh well, we got some Easter candy and other random things, including edible Easter grass. Well, they said that it was edible, but not so much!

Here is a picture of my step daughter checking on the eggs. We did pretty good, only cracked one. You can't see the other side of the counter where the lap top was set up and we were talking to him. I attempted at being creative with photography... didn't happen! In fact, it was so bad... I'm not even going to post any pictures.

Anyways, after I was done trying to pretend I had an ounce of creativity, we put all the eggs away, and my mother in law put the little 'stands' on top of the eggs in the carton. We all got a good laugh over our 'ninja eggs'

I went to church with his Dad and Step Mom, and really enjoyed it. The whole program was musical/creative arts. Afterword I went back to their house and had lunch. I had a ton of fun playing with my nephew, he is such a cutie!

Well, I drove back Monday, and 'cracked open' one of the 'ninja eggs'. I almost laughed out loud, there were TWINS! I had never seen anything like it! I always 'slice' my eggs into the small slivers, so you could really see it. I called my mother in law and laughed! We wondered if it was a premonition!!! We had talked this weekend about how we told the doctor we would like twins, especially if I have to have a surgery like I did a few weeks ago every time we want another one. Since we are doing IUI first, there's a chance! The picture is kinda blurry, but Oh well...


  1. The ninja eggs are cute!!

    I've cracked open double yokers, but I've never seen one hard-boiled. Pretty cool! That would be neat if it was a premonition :)

  2. Awww those are so cute! But I'm with (army)Wife on this one.. never seen twins hard-boiled. Oh, goodness, that came out wrong! Anyway...

    I wish you nothing but joy on your new adventure. I'm a newbie to the services and still learning a ton! The girls I've bumped into along the way have all been fantastic. Many hugs!

  3. Shannon and Army Wife-
    I've never seen twins period, so I was taken back by it. It was cool though I had to take a picture. My husband thinks I'm crazy!