Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Being in the military, there is a sense of community.

If it's all the guys that work together.  Or the neighborhood.  Or the spouses club (though the verdict is out on those...)

More then likely, you are stationed away from family, so those around you become family.

But not in recruiting duty.

You're not near a base, or your squadron.  The few times you actually get together, are for usually awards or training, and even then, not all the wives go.

Your flight is supposed to become your family.  Which most of the time happens, but then does that make the flight chief the 'father', or 'leader'. To support the flight?  To make sure everyone is taken care of.

I guess that's how it used to be.  But not anymore.  No with our flight chief.

Our son was in the Children's Hospital for several days.  Pave had to work.  He was 'encouraged' to stay at work.  In reality, we just sat and had doctors and nurses in and out of our room.  But still, it would have been nice to have him there too.

No one from the squadron called to check on him (or me).  No one from our 'military family' came to visit us.

Well, our old flight chief did. The one who no longer has any responsibility to us.  The one who retired last year.

But no one else from that part of our world.

That is the one thing I hate about recruiting duty.  The lack of community.

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  1. This was really sad to read :-/
    You know, that's actually why I created my blog and began reaching out to other military spouse bloggers: I crave the community feeling! I always thought that all Air Force wives bonded together and were this amazing support group for one another, but I've come to discover that it can be quite the opposite. I'm very thankful for the opportunity to meet so many amazing military wives through blogging, though!
    I hope your son is doing well and thanks for sharing.