Monday, May 23, 2011

Pray for Joplin

Please pray for Joplin.  Some of our filighmates live there.  One's house is completely gone.  Thank God he was at ALS and his family was out of town staying with family.  The other's house is not livable now.  The rest of the flight is going down, we are literally about to leave the door with two trucks full of stuff.  All of our flight, and thier family,  is safe and accounted for, but it's bad on the ground.

Last night we went to bed with 24 confirmed dead, by 5:30am 89 confirmed dead, and that was before the sun rose.


And donate to the Red Cross of the Ozarks (general Red Cross I believe). 


  1. Just curious, when you say flight, are you refering to the recruiters? A friend of mine and her husband just moved to Joplin as an AF recruiter.

  2. My husband just got recruiting orders. He's in the army but I haven't found any Army recruiting wives yet. I'm wondering how different things will be.

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