Friday, January 21, 2011

Federal Holidays

So, most of us would say a benefit of our husbands being in the military is that they get off most Federal Holidays.  Of course there are mission critical people who work 24/7, and for those people I'm grateful.  However, Pave has never been one of those people, so I've gotten used to him being home on the days I have off school....

But I've noticed, since he started recruiting duty, he hasn't had a lot of holidays off.  Fourth of July is their big fireworks show he has to set up at, Memorial Day he's doing events at high schools. 

I get that those things are pre-arranged, and specific to the holiday.  However, when I asked him what he was doing on Monday (he said he had to go into work), he said he had appointments.  What?  Those are completely within his control.  He sets up when people come in.

Ugh.  He said that it was the only time they could come in (they live about an hour away) because both the guy and his wife had off for the holiday.  It was either that or the next opening he had was middle of February.

I guess that's why he's Recruiter of the Year.... apparently along with that title, you give up your holidays!

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  1. We just started Recruiter duty in Aug, and holidays mean nothing really. But it is not just giving up holidays it is about family time that is needed that is given up. My boys 8 and 5 miss their father so much and it is hard to constantly mend their broken hearts when they see daddy 5 minutes each morning.. Sometimes 25 minutes during the week seeing Daddy is just not good enough. I don't need John to be recruiter of the year, what I need is my children to have a father figure in the home. I can not be both 365 days out of the year.. JMO though.... Guess I am burnt out of this whole thing and it has only begun.. Should be an interesting journey indeed for us. I wish you and your family the best.

    Holly USAF Spouse for 16.5 years...