Saturday, November 13, 2010

Case Files

Case files...  the paper turned into electronic file that every person who goes into the Delayed Entry Program needs to have 'built' for them.  Pave usually does them at work, but brought a few home to work on this weekend.  He knew I had picked a chick flick for our Friday night movie, and since he was in the living room, it technically counted as him 'watching it with me'. 

"Hey, um, Dad... whatcha doing?"

"How much longer till you're going to be done?"

"Pay attention to ME!!!"

"Mom, Dad's ignoring me.... make him come play!"

I suppose this gives him good practice for when we have kids!


  1. I love it.. Our dog does the same thing.. And she also tries to divide the time. She bugs him, then me..

  2. My husband is a recruiter for the Marine Corps -- there have been MANY a nights where he brings home paperwork and such to do on our coffee table, but the good news? Is that yesterday: he wasn't complaining that I had Glee on. :P