Sunday, October 3, 2010

Things I love

I love that it is cooling down.
I love that our adoption is moving along (not quite as planned, but still forward).
I love that the Packers won today.
I love that my husband thinks I'll win "Spouse of the Year" award.  I don't.
I love that I only have three more weeks of fourth graders.
I love that so far I've done well in all my college classes.
I love remembering that this is a New Mexico Christmas (we swap who's family we are with each year).
I love that pumpkin is back in stores (and 9 big cans are snuggled into my pantry!)
I love that my house is finally painted.  EVERY room in my house (not closets- but really do they matter!)
I love that Pandora had a 'Glee' channel.

I don't love the next step in the adoption process- making our profile book.  It's what we use to try to 'sell ourselves' to the birth families.
I don't love feeling that we are too young.  Everyone at the class was way older then us (like 10-15 years).  Will that hurt us, help us, not matter...
I don't love the fact that Pave has to switch offices, because of a mistake someone made 16 months ago.  He has a good rapport with these schools, just leave him be!
I hate that our annual is in the middle of the week (how dumb is that!)
I hate that no matter how much I look at the ball gown I want to wear, it doesn't stop me from drinking my 'Coke a Day'!
I hate that this adoption process makes you question everything about your life... I loved our bedroom, until taking pictures for our adoption profile, realized how 'un exciting' it was, or how blank the front of our house looks.
I hate the way this blog looks... maybe that's why I've been posting more on my other.  I'm going to try to change it up.... somehow....  so look for some changes.


  1. Just ran across your site through Military Spouse Blogger at Household 6 Diva. My dad was in recruiting for over 10 years (yeah, not real common!) and it is a whole different universe from the "real" Air Force. It really does take a special spouse to be able to make it through that assignment.

    Good luck with the adoption process!

  2. I know, I was thinking that also, Why are the awards 3 days and during the weekday... BUMMER not pulling the kiddos out of school for this one. Recruiting is way different then the AF that is for sure. Hubby stepped into it in May and all is well so far. Long hours but all in all he is doing well.