Thursday, October 14, 2010

Downward Dog

So... I've said it before, if I'm not going to birth a child, damnit, I'm getting my body back! With four (or was it five) rounds of injectables, and all the Clomid, and the emotional eating after each loss, I haven't been comfortable in my own skin.

So I've been doing something about it.

I've been trying to get healthy again, so I can go on a walk with my dogs, and not hurt. And really, after five knee surgeries, that's a amazing thing!

I've been doing Slim In Six, which has a TON of squats and things of that bend my knee, and I've been doing so well. I've really paid attention to my form, and it's made a ton of difference.

I'm not so worried about pounds, but more inches and stamina. I can really tell, because I'm not nearly out of breath as I'm doing it.

The ending part of the routine is ab work on the floor, and some yoga for stretching and muscle tone.
Mom- whatcha doing?

Why you on the floor mom? Can I lick the sweat off your arm?
(which she did...)

This was during the yoga... yes, that is her underneath my pose.

One of my ear buds had fallen out, she was bouncing it off her nose, until I blinded her!

(sorry, it's upside down, because I was upside down doing the pose,

and didn't think to hold the camera the right way....)


  1. I've totally wanted to do the Slim in Six!

  2. I love the pictures.. My dog does it too, when I sit to stretch on the floor she runs under each stretch I love it...
    And is the slim in 6 working?

  3. Cool pics!!! I tagged you in a post. Hope you can check it out!