Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I'm notorous for starting something.... and then


I was really looking forward to painting our living room (actually was wanting to do it while he was gone at training, but then I went along, so it didn't really happen!). Had the colors picked out and everything.

Yesterday, on my way to buy paint, he suggested I finish some projects before I start another one. We came to the agreement (he came short of canceling the debit card so I couldn't buy the paint) that I would finish several things before I painted...

So, I have ten projects to finish in ten days (roughly)!!!

* Sand and Stain my bench
* Polyurethane the bench (it has to be done a different day, so technically a different project)
* Finish the tutu's for my neighbors twins
* Clean our front bricks off (mortar is ALL over them)
* USPS (package and mail secret sister gift, and baby gift)
* Finish the Family Pictorial Album for our adoption packet
* Finish the questions for our adoption packet
* Stabilize, stain, polly, assemble antique-ish dresser (biggest project on the list...)
* Re-pot flowers for newly stained bench
* Touch up paint in kitchen and master bathroom
****Paint living room (Woohoo!)****

shhh... don't tell.... I got a free pallet that my friends husband rescued from the side of the road (ok, more like a very busy intersection just off the highway). For anyone watching, I'm sure it was quite interesting watching me (all of 5'1") try to fit a huge (H-U-G-E) pallet into the back of my car (Galant). I got it in, but not without some grunts and groans.... it will soon be turned into this.... or something like it...

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