Thursday, June 24, 2010


* Sand and Stain my bench

* Polyurethane the bench (it has to be done a different day, so technically a different project)
* Finish the tutu's for my neighbors twins
* Clean our front bricks off (mortar is ALL over them)
* USPS (package and mail secret sister gift, and baby gift)
* Finish the Family Pictorial Album for our adoption packet
* Finish the questions for our adoption packet
* Stabilize, stain, polly, assemble antique-ish dresser (biggest project on the list...)
* Re-pot flowers for newly stained bench
* Touch up paint in kitchen and master bathroom

****Paint living room (Woohoo!)****

I thought I had blogged about my bench building a few weeks ago, but apparently not... so this is the background.

The 'beginning'
I built both sides all by myself

While I built the sides, Pave and his daughter put together his table saw... good thing, we needed it later!

Cutting down the 'seat' of the bench

I was to cheep to buy a 1"x12", so we put two smaller pieces together.


And this is it stained... the picture makes it look a little bit more orange, but the actual color is 'golden oak'

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