Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pictures of the Mess

I found an amazing site- Knock Off Wood- who looks at big expensive pieces of furniture, and come up with drawings/designs that you can do to 'knock off' the look.

This was the inspiration

Photo found here

Like I said in my previous post, we started out with a bunch of wood (this is only a small bit of it)
I had gotten Pave a miter saw and his Dad got him a table saw for Christmas.  He said that I would probably use it first, and sure enough- he was right!  We at least took pictures of it getting unpacked!

There are several OSHA rules we were breaking... This was how our saw was set up...
Once we made all the cuts on Saturday, we called it a night. 

Sunday can only be described as
Four Girls
3 6-packs
2 saws
and some wood

We started out by laying out the headboard

Amanda (my friend has a degree in design and construction which is the ONLY way this project got done) and I nailing the headboard together.
We figured since the only power tools we were using was the drill and sander, (we were done cutting) it was safe to break out the beer.
Me sanding the top piece of the headboard.
There was good music

And good friends

Eventually everyone stopped working, (Baxter taking full advantage of Aunti Manda's lap)....

Except for me.  I was determined to get the foot board done too!  Amanda supervised from her camping chair.
She advised me not to use so much glue....

The finished headboard at the end of the night.
Closer detail of the what the top of the head board and foot board look like.
And footboard

And Pave had NO idea what is going on in his garage (or with his tools)!


  1. Damn! I think y'all did a great job!

  2. In my personal opinion...I don't think OSHA would have made it past the other dozen or so violations to see what a fine job in setting up the saws...and for the record I still have all ten fingers and all ten toes!