Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sad Weekend

A week or so ago, I hinted to a secret I had...

I was very excited about it...

I'm now heartbroken.

We were pregnant. Now we are not.

We knew going into this fertility cycle, that the next miscarriage (our fifth) would be the last, if it happened this month, or if we didn't get pregnant for several more cycles... we were only going to have one more. When it happened, we were done. I should have known better- my husband is a stud. He has knocked me up 3 of our last four cycles.... why I thought that this wouldn't happen sooner rather then later was dumb on my part.

We got pregnant. And it happened. We're done.

Moving on to adoption...


  1. Oh honey. I don't even know what to say. I'm so sorry for your loss...
    But remember, that no matter how painful, God always has a plan for us. Maybe your plan is to love someone else's baby the way they couldn't.
    Email me if you wanna talk.

  2. Oh my heart is just broken for you and your husband! I am so sorry for your loss! As an adoptive family, I know personally how amazing adoption is for not only the child but the new parents. My friend Holly and her husband went through something very similar and was lead to adoption, you may find a friend in her story - I'll lift you two up in my prayers.

  3. I'm so sorry, I can't imagine the heartache you're feeling but i'm glad you've decided to look to adoption. I think it would be harder to keep getting your hopes up over and over but with adopting, pretty soon you will have a new child to love as your own.

  4. :( My eyes just welled up with tears. I'm so sorry! I hope you'll be able to look back on this some day and find peace.

  5. I am so sorry. Good luck with the adoption process I know it can be hard but any child who gets to have you as a mommy will be double blessed.

    Chocolate is on the way.

  6. I am so sorry love! BIG Hugs. The best thing to know thought is you WILL be a mom one day. Even if it is adoption. And you will be a great mom too. It takes a real special person to adopt. You are amazing and strong. I'm thinking of you sweetie.

  7. I am so sorry. I know that there really isn't much else that can be said in a situation like this. You will be a great mother to a child that needs you, and I hope that the process will go smoothly.

  8. I am so, so sorry for your loss.

  9. so so so very sorry to hear this. good luck with adoption, how lucky for the kiddo out there that gets you for his/her mommy.

    if you need anything, to vent or someone to lean on you know my email.

  10. I am so so sorry. Thinking about you.

  11. I hate hearing this sad news...I've also been dealing with these same issues for's been a resolution this year to "try to NOt try" no more fert.treatments, no more hormones & medicine & injections, no more Dr.visits every other day, no more procedures... just us enjoying life and eachother until we decide what to do next... Life can be better! no more feeling anxious, sad, cramped, bloated, pissed at myself-the world-fate-my preggo friends (bless their hearts! I luv them but it's hard sometimes)...I feel some of the pain you feel. You're so beautiful and strong for putting up with all these hopes and disappointments. So many luv u and wish you and your DH the best possible... I'm saying a little prayer for you tonight... God bless! XO