Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Best Dog Toy's EVER

So, if you can't by reading this blog... my husband is a major savor. I might even go to the point to say hes a tight wad. A serious one. That said, I love a great deal (not really because it affects me, but then I can tell my husband how 'good' I did, he thinks I'm a bit of a shopaholic!)

That said, I bought Pave a bunch of new socks last week. He had asked for them for Christmas, but really, I just couldn't do that. Socks are socks, they aren't a 'present' (unless they are cool, soft, frilly, striped ones...). What to do with the old ones.... ha! Tie them in a knot and give them to the dogs! As a prelude to this story, I probably should have explained that when the big girls (Great Dane and Ridgeback) get a toy, their one mission is to destroy. There is no 'playing' with a toy, just ripping, destroying, its not over till there is stuffing all over the floor. My little boy Baxter though is a good 'player'. If we could keep his sisters away from the toys we got him, the only way they got destroyed is because they got 'loved to death'. He is really good and just has fun. Well, it's almost impossible to keep the two separated from him, so usually his toy becomes an innocent bystander of 'playtime'. But it doesn't really matter with a knotted up sock... you just throw away the little piece they rip off, and tie it in another knot.

Right now I can say that there is no less then 6 socks strewn around my living room... and three worn out puppies!


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  1. LOL so funny. Pj asked for socks for Christmas too. Is this a military thing? I am glad your puppies have some toys now! LOL