Sunday, October 11, 2009

Poor Pave

He's having a rough time watching the game.... his Cowboys are making 'errors'. His daughter is patiently waiting for the game to get over--- so she can play the Wii.

We had an amazing day at church today. It touched me more then I thought it would. They had four missionaries that had come back to visit for this past week. One of the husbands spoke. It was truly amazing.

At the end, there was a time to pledge a monthly give to the mission program. You could take up your pledge card, which didn't have your name on it (they said it was between you and the Lord)) and place it on the alter, and then grab a candle. They were the big green jar candles, that have three scents that you get at Wal Mart. They had taken off the stickers, and placed one that had the logo for the mission's conference and the quote "Beautiful Feet". Then you walked by one of the missionary couples, and they lit it for you. Once everyone got back to their seats, they turned the lights down low and we sang an amazing song.

It was very touching.

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