Saturday, September 5, 2009

Date Night

I guess because recruiting duty takes so much time, its rare to enjoy an evening together, or heck, to even think about making plans. You never know what comes up. Friday night was "First Friday" downtown. It had been raining all day, so we thought we would have to cancel it, but have no fear, the sun came out! We headed down there about 6:30. The rain had cooled off the hot midwest heat we have been having. It was gorgeous outside. We stopped at the farmers market area, and I was envious that we didn't bring any cash when I saw the gorgeous vegetables. There were sugar snap peas, and tomatoes, and corn.... ummm... We walked around, went into most of the galleries, and all of the open stores. I was excited I found an up-scale consignment store that carried nothing but formals... I know where I'm going shopping for a ball gown! It turned into an absolutely gorgeous night, we enjoyed just walking and holding hands. Definably a 'do-again' date. And best part about it- It' was Pave's idea!

As a side note though, after he admitted that he enjoyed it, I gently reminded him that the big city where we used to live had first Fridays, and that he and I were invited SEVERAL times down to the 'pre-show' of a couple of events... but he always said no. Oh well, at least he is willing now.

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  1. super jealous! About the dress store and the sugar snap peas - I couldn't find any last week!