Tuesday, August 25, 2009

4 for 4

We have flys every were... and with the constant in and out of the dogs, they seem to get into our house easily. Pave has this deterrent to flys, and much like his mother, will pace around the house with a fly swatter. That's the joke, everyone mocks his mom, because she always says "there's a fly in here", but really high pitched. Its funny. Well folks- There's a fly in here! Have no fear though, we have Kayden the Killer (of flys)! I must admit, once, in the past month, have I been able to kill a fly in mid-air with my hands! I know, gross! However, Kayden has stepped up to the plate to make our house a 'fly-free zone'. I can't stop laughing at her, because she just cannot sit still. Here she is in action!

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While I was laughing at "Kayden the Killer (of flys)", I looked over to the kitchen table and saw this. I instantly got happy, because you will NEVER here me complain there are boots all over my house! If there are boots in the way, that means Pave is home. Though this job sucks at times, he was home about 9 tonight, it means I'm going to have boots all over my house for the next four years.

Scratch that... while typing this post she is now 5 for 5!

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  1. Haha I always think its funny to see dogs chase after bugs. :)
    And I love having the boots around here, too. :)